WeWalk City Quest

Thanks for visiting WeWalk! Chief Inspiration Officer Estrella Hernandez has a BIG vision for WeWalk. The WeWalk mobile app was originally designed to combine physical fitness with community engagement, online gaming concepts and real-world rewards.

With support from generous donors and an awesome development team, an iOS version was created and tested. We recently changed the focus of WeWalk to a calendar of local, free youth fitness and enrichment events, but we continue to work on the full version of WeWalk. Click below for an overview.

The WeWalk team is as committed as ever to helping people of all ages to using technology to get healthier while engaging in San Antonio's community events and places.


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WeWalk Games Mission:

WeWalk City Quest is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The mission of WeWalk is provide youth with free enrichment activities in San Antonio, Texas.